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Welcome To The Brilliant Bosses Blog


I used to be a Call Center Representative with big boss energy. I was excellent at my day job(s), yet I was unfulfilled and burning out rapidly as the years went by. I became obsessed with learning about digital marketing because I knew that one day, I'd be able to leverage that knowledge to leave the cubicle life for good. I was a single Mom, struggling to make ends meet, but I decided. I decided I was going to be a full-time business owner one day and nothing was going to stop me.

Here I am- many years later with many more stories to tell than I ever thought possible. Like that one time I quit my job for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a national hair care brand for the Essence Festival.


 Or how my Sister and I bootstrapped the launch of her new lash studio...

The Brilliant Bosses Blog means so much to me because it represents a collection of valuable experiences, of mine and others, that will help those with an entrepreneurial spirit grow from side hustlers to 7 figure bosses. 

From 1K to 1M, I hope to share the connections, advice, tools, and resources that will help you grow for years to come.

Welcome, Brilliant Boss.

We've got work to do!




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